Wednesday, August 31



Late for my first day at new job.
Dropped breakfast on squirrel infested ground.
Robbed by University bookstore.
Headache from smoky air.
Got into painting! Made to feel guilty about getting off wait-list by small crying asian girl who didn't make it.
Chair tips over while painting, hits bucket of water.
Everything is wet.
I have to clean it up.
Return to painting, I still suck.
Spanish homework in public place = embarrassment.
It's only 2:30.

Lunch with Jen... like.
That's it, though.

Monday, August 29

Gah! School is here...

Here's what I love...
The first day of school.
Freshly sharpened bouquets of pencils.
Crisp morning air.
New crayons.
New clothes... 

Molly and I on our first day of school at the same university!
I hunted my sister down for a first day of school picture, and to steal some deodorant out of her room... yikes... that just went public.
I also wore my glasses to look smarter.
And no one recognized me. Which I really liked, because everyone who had to double take was more excited to see me, and everyone I don't like didn't notice.
Go incognito!
School this year is gonna be rough.
Just saying it... and I'm not whining.
19 credits...
6 of which are studio art courses, which require 5 hours independent studio time (18 hours total).
5 of which are for Spanish, online, which requires an hour per day (5 hours total)
2 of which are for my history of Ireland course, which I'm really excited for, but the prof is demanding! (6 hours total).
3 credits for Art History online (3 hours total) and
3 credits for creative writing independent study (5 hours total). (YAY!)

3 jobs
I work at the library (new job!) from 6:30 -9:30 am Monday and Wednesday, and from 6:30-10:30 on Fridays. SIDEBAR: I'm not a morning person. I might get fired. Fair warning. (10 hours total).
I work at Grizzly Grocery on Sunday and Monday nights from 3-10 and 7-11. (11 hours total.)
I work as a debate coach for 3 afternoons a week for 2 hours (6 hours) and, once tournaments start, for all of Friday and Saturday (20 hours, of tournament time).
I also have my job at the visitors center for another week, but I can handle a week...

This means that, once debate tournaments start, I will be busy for 84 hours of my week.

Bring. It. On.

Tuesday, August 23

I know it's sad.

But shopping makes me happy.
I just bought this little beauty on sale!
I'm already planning all the outfits I'm going to make with it.
I also got 20% off.
Free shipping.
And $14 bikini bottoms... life is good.

Friday, August 19

Loving My Town

Where you can set up a house for real cheap :)

Pin me down...

Do you have a Pinterest yet?
It's basically the greatest thing ever. See, you like a picture on the internet, and you think, "Wow, I should bookmark that shit"... so you do. Then, you forget about it, or go back to your bookmarks... and all that's left is, what? a string of numbers for an image you can't remember?
Yeah, that sucks.
And that's why pinterest is great... you "pin" something. THEN, it's filed into a little digital bulletin board... and saved as an image. Then, when you're thinking... wow, I should plan a party... you can go to your PARTY bulletin board, and WHAMO... lots of party images that you click on... and it takes you right to the site you got it from.
It's the cat's meow.
I mean that without an ounce of sarcasm.
I've got lots of boards, all cheerful, and now Pinterest acts as my little internet happy place... here's a sampling of my boards. You can find me at

"Favorite Places and Spaces"

"Books Worth Reading"

"My Style"

"For the Home"









"For My Room"